About us

Our Purpose

Optical Association of India (OAI) is committed to its purpose of 360 degree development of all the components of Optical industry in India whether they are Retailers, Manufacturers, Wholesaler's & Importers-Exporters and to unite the entire fraternity under one umbrella to fight th

Requirement of forming OAI?

We do not have any organization at the National level which is inclusive of all the states of India and connects to the grass root level optician, manufacturer, wholesaler or importer/exporter and which can represent us effectively in front of government for any issue. Some organizations made by onl

How will this Association work?

The management of the OAI will be 100% transparent. Association will have its national offices as well as offices of all the states. The central body will take up the issues of the Industry with central government and State bodies will represent to state government. All information regarding the

Immediate Agendas of OAI

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